Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Spring Quilt Festival, Harrogate

I'll be at the Spring Quilt Festival at Harrogate on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with the mini boro bag workshop at 11.30 a.m. each day.  See you there?

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Sashiko in Stockton 2018 - 2019

Here are the dates and info for the next sashiko course in Stockton-on-Tees.  I've added them as jpg files so you can easily copy the image and print it off if needed.

The photo above shows a detail from Pamela Lyall's sampler from my first Edinburgh Patchwork course.  I'll be running the course again there, but we haven't fixed dates just yet.  However, next time, the Edinburgh course will be three long weekends, so for people further afield, you'll be able to have a weekend break in Edinburgh if you want to do the course.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Lilian Hedley's North Country Quilt residential course

Lilian Hedley, who is well known as the UK's number one North Country traditional quilter, is teaching a retreat soon at The Royal, Bridlington, at the end of March.  We went on her course there two years ago and it was brilliant!  Apparently there are a few places still available, so if you are interested, contact Fiona at The Royal asap.  Lilian learned how to design in the North Country traditional from some of the 'old school' quilters, including Amy Emms, so this is a unique opportunity to learn from a living tradition.


Spring Quilt Festivals - photos from Edinburgh

I'm back from the Edinburgh Spring Quilt Festival and getting ready for the next one at Harrogate on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The hall seemed brighter and warmer this year than the first time we had a show there.  I'm really getting to like the Lowland Hall, especially being able to drive into the end of the hall for set up and breakdown.  So much easier than having to take everything up flights of stairs in the cold!

We have a big selection of striped and plain Japanese cottons and colourful fine sashiko threads at the moment, as I've just restocked.  Fiona's 'green' version of Masu is behind Glyn.  She's loaned me it for Harrogate as well, so you can see it there (only sandwiched and not quilted at the moment).  The colours are gorgeous and she's used the stenciled yukata fabrics so well with the stripes.  I like it better than mine.

My workshop this time was the mini boro bag and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun in each session.  It is quite strange telling students to stitch unevenly and at random, when sashiko is much more precise. The photos are in no particular order and the different days seem to have got a bit mixed up in the upload.  I'm running the same class at Harrogate, so I'm making up more packs of vintage Japanese cottons today.

Sashiko from Scotland - planning the Perth samplers

As a follow up to my last post showing Sue's finished sashiko sampler, here are some photos from the last class at Perth, when we started playing around with different arrangements for the blocks.

It is difficult to work out what is going where until you start laying all the blocks out together.  Sometimes there's more than one possibility that would work - here, the kamon crests look good going down the centre, but also stepped across the sampler.

I know which sampler is Sue's because she stitched on brown and added the koi panel on cream, and I know the one below is Heather's, because she used pink in her stitching, but I don't know who did which set in the blue photos above!  Can someone remind me which set is which?  This is a reason why we all need ID labels aka differently coloured edge stitching on all our blocks, otherwise all the sashiko looks so similar!

My next course at Perth starts on Thursday 8th March.  Bookings can be made directly via The Peacock and the Tortoise -

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Sashiko from Scotland - Sue's Sampler

Sue Commander, one of the students on my first sashiko course at The Peacock and the Tortoise at Perth, posted a photo of her sampler on Facebook today.  We only finished the course two weeks ago (just!) so she's been really busy putting it all together.  It looks great on the brown and she has coordinated her thread colours beautifully too, including using a very bright yellow/orange/red thread from Olympus as a colour accent.  Well done!

My next course at The Peacock and the Tortoise starts on Thursday 8th March - for details, click here.